DIY #12

How to fit a Mikuni RS36 kit - Laverda 1000 et 1200
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The original Dell'Orto carbs are sometimes worn out, they can't be set up anymore. Brand new Dell'Orto carbs can be found, however they are
not exactly the same model and they suffer of old technology.
The present folder describes how to fit a kit of more modern carbs, Mikuni ones, RS36 type (as fitted on some Suzuki GSXR). Once correctly
set up, this kit allows more power and torque, less emissions
and less fuel consumption. The running is also smoother.

The pictures below show a Mikuni RS36 carb kit fitted on a Laverda 1000 SFC, this is a "ready to bolt-on" kit sold by Red Cawte in Australia
(email:). The kit includes 3 renovated RS36 carbs, 3 billet inlet stubs (machined 36-36 for the SFC 1000, usually 36-32 on other Laverda 1000
and 1200), 3 rubber hoses, 2 plates holding the carbs together, the Ts and fuel hoses, all Viton seals, all clamps, 3 billet adaptors to fit
the original airbox rubbers on the carbs, a CD-ROM with some Mikuni material.

Another kit is available in Germany at a company called Topham (

Removing the fuel tank
Removing the original cable
Removing the original throttle (will be replaced by a push-pull system as required by Mikuni)
Fitting the new throttle. The original kill switch is kept.
Removing the original choke cables (the whole choke system can be removed)
Removing the original carbs.
Removing the original inlet stubs.
Fitting the new all alloy inlet stubs.
Fitting the new carbs and their rubber hoses.
Join and protect the float air vent hoses in a larger plastic hose.
In the case of the SFC 1000, RGS and Corsa (no problem on other models), the carbs come very close to the air box. Consequently the rubbers have to be slightly modified (cut) to fit.
In the case of 1000 SFC, RGS and Corsa, cut about 10mm of the front side of the LHS and central rubber (no mod to the RHS rubber) and let them boiled in water before fitting.
LHS rubber in place after mods
Pushing the rubbers deeper into the air box improves the fitting.
Kit in place. The carbs have now to be set up (see next folder).

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