DIY #14

Oil change on a Marzocchi M1R- Laverda 1000 SFC
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Changing the oil of classic Ceriani and Marzocchi forks is quite easy, it is just necessary to put the required oil quality and quantity. M1Rs
are a bit different as the quantity of oi is slightly different from one fork tube to the other and the measure must be done forks fully compressed,
springs removed. Here is the method.

Remove the drain plugs.
Remove the screws on the top of the tubes, the plastic spacers, and finally the springs. Make them turn themselves while removing to force oil to stay in the tubes.
Remove the steel tubes protectiing the springs. Screw in again the drainplugs with new gaskets.
Detail of the internal parts
Compress completely the forks
Put new oil in the tubes....
...until you get an air gap of 180mm from top of the tubes. Be careful to get exactly the same gap in each tube. Refit the springs, the tubes and spacers, and finally the screws on the top of the tubes. Open the air bleeds (on each top screw) to avoid any air pressure.

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