DIY #16

Ignition module replacement - Laverda 750 SFC Electronica
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The original Bosch ignition fitted on the SFC Electronica was special for this model. When these modules came later out
of stock, the factory decided to use the same # 034 ignition box as fitted on the late 1000cc 180° (with Nippo Denso
alternator), Jota 120 and RGSs. This new module has exactly the same performances than the older one, however the timing
is different
, meaning that the woodruff key (of the rotor) has to be removed.
The factory advised to machine in the rotor a new groove for the woodruff key, however most of the time the key was simply
removed and the rotor was timed only by tightening its nut, secured by a toothted washer. (Source: Original factory sheet)


Electrical connection
Timing mod.


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