DIY #17

Fitting modern upside down forks- Laverda 1000 and 1200
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Warning: This modification must be done by someone who has the tools and the whole knowledge to do that.
Consequently, these images are purely indicative and by no means the responsability of their author. This last one
indicates that this mod must be done only for racing, not on open roads, and must be done only under the
responsability of those who decides to do it. Consequently, it is not recommended to anyone to do such a
modification without the supervision of a highly qualified expert.

This fold shows the fitting of an upside down front fork (here a Ducati ST2) on an original Laverda triple frame.
The purpose is for racing only and the frame must be consequently reinforced.

Thanks to Patrick Gabard for the pictures and details on the work he has done.

A ring is firstly built and fit to the bottom of the headstock to lenghten the headstock and receive the lower Timken bearing.
Then the top of the headstock is re-bored to 55mm (height of 20mm) to get the top bearing.
Fitting of the lower yoke
Fitting of the top yoke
The original Ducati 17" wheel fits straight ahead. To fit a Laverda 18" wheel, it is necessary to machine and adapt two spacers to receive the front discs.
Machining (laser cut) the disc carriers
The new front forks/18" wheel
Whole view

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