DIY #18

Replacing the clutch drum silentblocks-

Laverda 750, 1000 ou 1200 up to 1981

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On these models, the silentblocks are located behind a metal plate closed by 8 rivets. The goal is to replace the rivets
by eight 6mm screws (hexagonal heads).


This allows to easily replace the silentblocks in the future and also to be able to remove the clutch drum (to change
the chain for instance) without removing the crankshaft end nut.


Drill the rivet heads carefully, without damaging the plate
Carefully cut the remaining parts of the rivets
Extract the rivet pins
Remove the plate and you will discover the silentblocks
These silentblocks are 40 years old! They are hardened, out of shape, they make the transmission very harsh and noisy.
The goal is to replace the rivets by eight 6mm (6 X 100) screws. You have to thread the holes carefully.
The threads once finished. Carefully clean the clutch drum from any metal particle. Fit the new silentblocks, the plate then the screws, without any washer. Use a drop of Loctite (medium grade).
A picture of the finished drum with the 8 screws. The soft wood block is a method to block the transmission while tightening the cranshaft end nut.

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