DIY N°19

Fitting a DMC2 ignition (Moto Witt) - Laverda 750

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This is the DMC2 ignition, programmable, traded by the german brand Moto Witt.

These shots illustrate the instructions described in the instruction manual which has to be carefully read before the

Remove completely the old ignition plate
Remove the centrifugal plate
Fit the new rotor with the 2 small screws.
Fit the pick-up on the new stator plate
Fit the stator on the primary case, don't fully tightened the 3 screws for the moment. Check that the rotor doen't touch the pick-up while it rotates.
The harness has to come through the original hole in the primary case.
Install the module in a ventilated but non wet area
Cut the wires to the right size and fit the connectors.
Fit and connect the big waterproof connector between the pick-up and the module.
Ignition switch on, test the spark as indicated in the instruction manual, set the timing with a strobe light.

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