DIY #21

Repairing a Zane motor - Laverda 650/750 Zané 1997-2002

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Here is the process to open a Zane motor. The task here is to replace a worn crankshaft however the process is the same
whatever the work to be done, since the motor has to be lifted out of the frame and opened.
Although different in many aspects, these engines are based on Breganze engines, especially the 500cc Alpino. It is then
not surprising that many steps of the process is very similar.

A big thanks to Phil, webmaster of LaverdaCorsa, for the pictures!

Get the engine out of the frame
Best is to remove the primary and clutch cover before dropping the engine to get a better access to the rear engine fixing points
The engine comes as a single unit with oil cooler and headers
Naked engine
A piece of soft metal can be put between the gears to block the transmission and remove the alterntor nut
28mm wrench, left thread
Remove the head cover
Remove the lubrication plates
Remove the chain clip, check the timing marks
Remove the camshafts
Remove the head nuts in the correct order
A 14mm wrench must be modified (filed) to get access to these nuts
Remove the cylinder head
Cylinder head
Pistons and barrels
Remove clips, pins and pistons
Remove the barrels, clean the gasket surfaces with a special product
Remove the nuts joining the 2 crankcases, lift the upper one
Remove the crankshaft
Fit the new crankshaft
Fit the upper case, the pistons
Check the balancing shaft marks
Center the timing chain
Compress the rings with special tools
Fit the barrels
Fit the cylinder head
Tighten the cylinder head nuts to the correct torque and sequence. Use the special tool for these nuts. Refit the camshafts, check the correct timing and refit the engine into the frame.
Just like Breganze engines, gearbox can be reach by only removing the lower crankcase, without dismantling the top end.

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