DIY #22

Zane engine lubrication mod- Laverda 650/750 Zané 1997-2002

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Some Zane 750cc engines have had crankshaft problems, especially a problem of worn LHS rod bearing. The factory sent
some cranks to Porsche for diagnosis and it became clear that the lube system was far too much restrictive near the oil filter.
Additional tests revealed that this "modern" filter adapted to the old 500cc Breganze basis avoided a good lubrication of the
Several specialists then manufectured new filtration systems, including discharge valve suppression, like Altoperformance in UK.
Here is the simple process to replace the original filter by the Altoperformance system.

Thanks to Phil, webmaster of LaverdaCorsa, for the pictures!

The original filter
The discharge valve on the top
A special tool is needed to remove the valve
Valve removed
The valve has to be modified by shimming the spring with a 8mm spacer, in order to increase the oil flow at high rev
The kit as sold by Altoperformance
Kit in place

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