DIY #23

Restarting an engine after a long stop- Laverda 1000/1200

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While restarting an engine after a long stop (say several months), lubrication problem can occur as the oil returns to the crankcase by
gravity. Top end can suffer of lack of lubrication during some seconds, while the oil pump is trying to deliver its optimal pressure.
Here is what I usually do, the pictures concerns a 1000cc engine stopped during 11 months.

This DIY concerns engine lubrication, the rest of the process (carb cleaning, tyres, set-up) should obviously be done as usual.

I was a bit worried that the oil cooler could have a tendency to empty during a long stop and that it could be a good idea to fit it upside down to avoid the problem.
After many very careful checks, I can say that it was never the case. I found that the oil cooler was always full of oil (that doesn't mean that
the following process has not to be done...

First opération is to drain the old fuel (fuel tanks must be fulled up to avoid condensation)
Battery recharged at low speed/amp.
Remove the cam cover
Most of the time, the inlet side is still correctly lubricated...
... while it is not the case on the exhaust side. These cams and lifters are totally dry.
Lube the cams with fresh oil
then each lifter
Don't forget the central bearings. Turn the engine by hand regularly.
Even when it is less critical, some oil on the chain and sprockets is a good idea. More useful is to drop some oil onto the central crank bearings through the camchain tunnel.
Remove the spark plugs
Slightly lube the cylinder walls while turning the engine by hand
Refit the sparkplugs with antiseize compound. Turn the engine by hands several times then start it. Keep a slight acceleration to prime the oil pump.

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