DIY #24

Difference between a Laverda 350 and a 500- Laverda 350/500

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Many thanks to Christian Delahaye for the pictures!

The 350 Laverda is directly derivated from the 500 Alpino. Here is the way to differentiate them:

14 teeth sprocket on the 350 instead of 15 on the 500
The 350 logo of course !
Reference and diameter are different.
The header of the 500 on the left (with the junction tube), the 350 on the right.
The special inlet stub of the 350
Compared to the 500 model, with their 4 reinforcement ribs .
On the 350, the serial number doesn't include the model.
24mm carbs instead of 32mm on the 500
No way to find any external difference between crankcases, barrels and cylinder head between the 2 models .

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