DIY # 4

Replace the steering bearings- Laverda 750, 1000 and 1200
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- Remove the front wheel and the mudguard. Remove the brakes calipers and hang them to the frame. While you are at it, check the front wheel bearings state.
- You can let the headlight and harnesses in place. Just be careful, don't pull them too much.

- Unscrew the panel instrument and the handlebar, let them hang on the left side of the bike
- Remove the 2 plugs fork stanchions and the springs
- Remove the 3 Alen screws of the top fork yoke, then the central top yoke nut.
- Reove the top yoke
- Remove the 2 Allen screws of the bottom yoke
- Remove the 2 fork stanchions, let the oil drain fitting them upside/down
- On 1000 and 1200, unscrew the oil cooler and the oil cooler bracket.
- Unscrew and remove the adjusting nut and remove the bottom yoke
- Extract the 2 bearings, keep the 2 washers.
- Fit the 2 new bearings, don't miss the 2 spacers.

- Put grease on the bottom bearing, fit the bottom yoke and screw the adjusting nut
- Fit the fork stanchions and the headlight supports, instrument panel and handlebar. Don't tighten the nuts for the moment.
Tighten progressively the adjusting nut, in the same time turn the steering to both sides, then unscrew the adjusting nut until you get a small play (the final
adjusting will occur later)
- Fit the top yoke
- Aligh the stanchions in the yokes, tighten all the Allen screws except the central one on the top yoke
- Tighten the adjusting nut until there is no more play and the steering is smooth, don't overtighten it.
- Tighten the top yoke central nut and its Allen screw
- Fit the brakes calipers, the front wheel and the mudguard
- Fill the forks with oil, quantity and viscosity required
- Fit the springs and the top plug fork stanchions
- Tighten the panel instrument/handlebar nuts.
- Check that all the nuts ans screws are well tightened

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After having removed the top yoke, remove the
adjusting nut
Removing the 2 yokes
The top bearing
The bottom bearing race
The 2 bearings
Put grease on the bottom bearing

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