DIY #6

Reduce the play of the SFC 1000 and RGS Corsa floaters disc brake
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The SFC 1000 or RGS Corsa racing Brembo floaters disc brakes are subject to wear, resulting in a play beetween the discs and the carriers.
Most of the time, this is the alloy disc carrier which is worn out, used by the buttons while braking.

These discs being nowaday very rare and very expensive, it is possible to reduce the playby fitting bigger buttons and machining the carriers.

The original diameter of the bores and buttons is 13.5mm, the acceptable wear is 15mm max. Then, it is necessary to find new buttons, bigger
than 15mm. These buttons are available at France-Equipement in France (; email:,
they have new 16mm buttons, including clips and an elastic washer which fit perfectly.

It is necessary to machine the discs and carriers at 16.01mm, then you get brand new discs!

The disc and its original buttons
The old 13.5mm buttons on the left, the new 16mm and their elastic washers on the right
The disc carrier is worn out
Discs like new, fitted to the SFC 1000!

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