Oil and grease:

Quantity (engine oil)

About 3 litres. The dipstick must be placed vertically to check the level.

How to choose the engine oil?
A Laverda engine doesn't need a very sophisticated lube system because of numerous ball (or roller) bearings. Considering that tolerances are not very high, that there is not a good oil filter (just a strainer), and that there is an oil cooler on 1000 (and last SFCs) which can be empty of oil after a long stop, oil should be of rather high viscosity, not synthetic type but of good quality.
15W50 API SG of a high mineral or semi-synthetic oil should be the best way to lube a Laverda engine, Elf Competition, Motul 3100 or Castrol Grand Prix for instance.
Remember that the oil pump tolerances, as about the entire lube system concept, shouldn't tolerate full synthetic low viscosity oils, like 5W50. In addition, these synthetic oils contains a lot of cleaning additives, which can be dangerous for our old engines,often clogged, especially into the crankpins.

Lube system of triples

- Cables:
I don't see a big difference between oil or graphite (dry) in term of efficiency. However, I think that oil is a better choice because it avoids water under rain and it can lube the pivot point. Another possibility is to use some tallow product, available in spray in nautical shops: This product has very good qualities and avoid any water along the cable.

- Swinging arm spindle, wheels spindles, ...
Simply a good lithium grease.

- Case of oil leaking from the breather hose:
Apart the case of worn engines (excessive pressure in the crankcase), this problem occurs only on racing engines running at high rpm. Three ways to solve the problem: Fitting a second hose in place of the oil dipstick,for the 1000/1200cc adapting a second hose to the cambox like the 750s, or fitting in place of the original breather a bigger one like the 750 SFC type.



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