Three 750 GT (Photo David Fickling)
First SF, with Smiths counters and 1rst stage drum brakes. Here with a trailer! (Photo René and Renée Hupperts)
Intermediate beetween SF and SF1, with ND counters and new tank, but with old headlight and brakes. ( photo JL Olive)
For a lot of us, the best of all SF, SFC head type, twin front disc brakes (factory photo)
First SFC serie: Amal carbs and big valves. Rare! ( photo JL Olive)
SFC becomes more modern and is marketed in USA (with flashers lights and ND counters!). Factory photo.
AMERICAN EAGLE The 750 Laverda was proposed in the USA under the name "American Eagle".
1000 1974
A wild look and no oil cooler (Factory photo)
1000 3CL 1977 The best looking of all triples? Unfortunately, with less power in france and Switzerland, due to authorities pressure... ( photo JL Olive)
1000 JOTA

The fastest bike in the world, production championship winner in UK (1976, 78, 79), Sweden, Austria.... Factory photo.

RGS 120° engine, new bodywork, 1000 Laverda becomes civilized... (photo David Fickling)
SFC 1000 Latest 1000 Laverda produced, the 1000 SFC. (Factory photo).
EXECUTIVE A GT from Laverda. (Factory photo)
The small city of Breganze, Venety, Italy.(Ph. commune of Breganze)
Laverda 100, 1956
Laverda 100 Sport, 1956. (Ph. Michael Stöcker)
The first factory (until 1973) in Breganze downtown.
The second factory, industrial zone of Breganze. (Ph. Ron Verweij)
Jota in the new factory. (Ph. Ron Verweij)
Alignment of Jotas, ready for shipping. (Ph. Ron Verweij)
1997: Zanè factory organized a rally for the 50th anniversary of Laverda bikes: Two years too early but however unforgettable...
I was with the 71 SFC, during the Coupes Moto Legende in Monthléry-France(1997)
One of the best-looking engine in the world: 1000 Laverda engine!
A 3CL in the Tropics (Martinica island)
A very special 1000 SFC : tuned engine, 750 SFC bodywork, computer system...
3 SFC-1 Rare! Three SFC (71-JL Olive, 74-L Orion, 76-P Marx) riding together (Ph. Michel Cottereau)
3 SFC-2 Photo of the same SFCs. (Ph. M. Cottereau)
COCKPIT SFC Cockpit of 750 SFC first model (1971). The charging light is not original.
SF 72 et SFC 71 My two Laverda twins.
SFC 1971 SFC series 8000, restored by François Hischer (Suisse) (Ph. Fr. Ischer)
SFC 1974 SFC series 16000, restored by François Hischer (Suisse) (Ph. Fr. Ischer)
SFC EGLI SFC Egli, SS engine, restored by François Hischer (Suisse) (Ph. Fr. Ischer)
SFC 1975 ex Borel The very special factory engine in 1975 with its 4 row primary chain (Ph. P. Galtier)
Moteur usine 1975 SFC series 18000, restored by François Hischer (Suisse) (Ph. Fr. Ischer)
500 1978 Laverda 500 (Pict. Martin Cotton)
JOTA ART DECO-1 1000 Jota 1982, art photo by Craig Howell.
JOTA ART DECO-2 1000 Jota 1982, another photo of Craig Howell.
A 1000 Laverda with a Motoplast frame (Ph. Pat)
PUB MOTOPLAST Old Motoplast advertising for Laverda 1000 (Ph. Pat)
PUB FACOM An original Facom tools advertizing, the bike is a 650 or a 750GT (Ph Eric)
1200 30TH LETTER The letter sent in 1979 by Massimo Laverda to the 200 customers of the 1200 30th: "I'm particularly proud to know that you are one of the 200 privileged customer having ordered the 1200 30th, I want to thank you very much for your purchase. With a great pleasure, I give you too the gold medal, especially engraved for each 1200 30th owner. I wish you thousands of kilometers with your 30th, best regards. Massimo Laverda".
Médaille d'or 1200 30TH The special gold medal offered by the factory to the 200 customers of the 30th, with the letter above. The owner was to send a photo of him/her and that photo was then etched to the medaljong. (Photo Hannu Koski, courtesy of Jarmo Lindvall).
Ensemble lettre + médaille 1200 30TH The letter + medal which were offered to the 200 custiomers of the 30th. (Photo Hannu Koski, courtesy of Jarmo Lindvall).
1000 180° RACING A wonderful 1000 180° during a race. (Ph. Pat)
1000 RACING This 1000 Laverda raced in Belgium (Ph. Pat)
1000 CAFE RACER Gorgeous 1000 Laverda cafe-racer (Australia)
CHAMPION Chevalier, old French Champion on his 1000 Laverda (Ph. FFMC)
1000 cadre Nicobakker 1000 Laverda 1200 120°, Nicobakker frame, famous for its perfromance in Europe and especially in Belgium. (Ph. Pat)
600 FORMULA-1 A wonderful 600 Formula (Ph. Pat)
600 FORMULA-2 Same machine... (Ph. Pat)
600 FORMULA-3 And again ... (Ph. Pat)
650 Sport (Zanè) Not a Breganze bike, but it raced for the Laverda marque: A 650 Sport raced by the pilot Michel Simeon. (Ph. Pat)
Laverda 4X4 Not a bike but a 4X4! The Laverda 4WD was not a real marketing success... (Ph. Factory)
Racing sidecar 1000 Laverda racing side-car (Pict. Didier Morin)
Laverda 1200 1200 Laverda owned by a real passionate, Cyril Lefort (Ph. C. Lefort)
Laverda LH3 125 enduro Laverda 125 LH3 husqvarna (Photo Y. Geboers) 1
Laverda LH3 125 enduro Laverda 125 LH3 husqvarna (Photo Y. Geboers) 2
Laverda LH3 125 enduro Laverda 125 LH3 husqvarna (Photo Y. Geboers) 3
Laverda LH3 125 enduro Laverda 125 LH3 husqvarna (Photo Y. Geboers) 4
Photos historiques  
First 75cc serie, here in "Carenatta" version.
1956 (1) Urban race in Milan: G. Silviani races a 75cc Laverda. He will be Champion of Italy in 75cc category before racing since 1953 on 125/250cc MV Agusta.
1956 (2) Lino Marchi worked at the Laverda factory and raced 75cc as well: He won the most prestigious races in Italy: Milan-Tarente and the Motogiro d'Italia.
1957 Cross race: Pilots Giorgio and Attilio Zappon with Nino Caretta, chief mechanics of Laverda racers during 30 years (1950-1980)!
1961 SCOOTER 60cc Miniscooter Laverda 60cc (Photo Bob K Andren)
1961 SCOOTER 60cc Miniscooter, another shot (Photo Bob K Andren)
1961 Marketing of new 200cc Laverda: Francesco Laverda is with two Romans pilots, specialists of the 6 days races, Flavio Montesi and Franco Bartocci. Flavio Montesi won the gold medal at the 6 days of Garmish Partenchinken.
1969 F.CEVERT (1) The pilot of Formula 1 François Cevert riding his Laverda 750 S (photo kindly offered by Eric.)
1969 F.CEVERT (2) Idem
1969 F.CEVERT (3) Idem
BOL D'OR 70 (1) Before the race, official pilot E. Dossena, Piero Laverda, Nino Caretta.
BOL D'OR 70 (2) The official 750s of Dossena/Auzard and Brettoni/Angiolini, here Auzard followed by Angiolini. Brettoni/Angiolini finished 3rd, Auzard/Dossena 6th.
BOL D'OR 70 (3) Before the race, Massimo and Piero Laverda. Good results in Bol d'Or races gave a good commercial success to 750s Laverda in France.
BOL D'OR 70 (4) Appietto on his 750. The bike finished the race (26th) in spite of a broken cylinder head stud. (Ph. Paris-Match magazine, thanks to Eric).
24 H OSS 1970 24 H of Oss 1970: Famous rider H. Hutten and mechanic N. Caretta. 750s Laverda won the race in 1rst, 2nd and 3rd places.
1000 PROTOTYPE First prototype of Laverda 1000: 750 engine shape, triple exhausts.
PROTO MOTEUR 1000 The first prototype of 1000 engine examined by Massimo Laverda.
1000 PROTOTYPE - 2 One of the last prototype of the 1000 Laverda. One can see the special head cover, similar to Kawasaki engines of the eighties.
Pub SFC 1971 Rare advertising for the 750 SFC, done by the factory in 1971. Photo was taken in a quarry beetween Breganze and Vicenza.
24 H OSS 1971 24 H of Oss 1971: 750 Laverda at 1rst place (Hutten/Angiolini). We can see H. Hutten (standing), N. Caretta on the bike, pilot B. Cretti on second bike and A. Brettoni. Behind N.Caretta, with cap, Dutch importer Raymakers.
BOL D'OR 1971 The 750 SFC of Borel just before the race. (Photo revue Motociclismo)
BOL D'OR 1971 Le Mans 1971 (Photo Motociclismo)
BOL D'OR 1971 Typical public of the Seventies! (Photo Motociclismo)
750 SFC 8000 1971
One of the very rare SFC 8000 with road equipment. (Ph. R. Schmid)
750 SFC 8000 1971
A 750 SFC 8000 (front Laverda brake) (Ph. R. Schmid)
Famous raid from Terre de feu to Alaska with two 750 Laverda.
The pilot Augusto Brettoni at Vallelunga track riding a 750 SFC.
First 1000 endurance serie (drum brakes), first to be called "Jota". Pilot is Moreno Pescucci and, right to left: Piero Laverda, N. Caretta, L. Zen. Behind, a 750 SFC with the engineer Sandre Todeschini.
DIJON 1973 A 750 SFC Egli. (Ph. R. Schmid)
OSS 1973 (1) The SFC 5000 n° 5613, second SFC built.
OSS 1973 (2) The same SFC during the race, on the brick road!
SFC EGLI 750 1972 The Swiss champion in 1972 Philippe Coulon riding his SFC Egli 750. (Ph. R. Schmid)
Left to right: E. Dossena, N. Caretta, and pilot Roberto Gallina on the very special and rare SFC 1973 (magnesium crankcases, alternator, special heads and crankshaft).
SF2 on the Laverda stand to the motorbike show of Paris 1975 (photo L. Decressoniere)
Motorbike show of Paris 1975: A 1975 1000. Very interesting photo as it shows behind the triple a SFC, probably one of the 3 very special 1973 model. (Photo L. Decressoniere)
1000 endurance 2nd serie, "spaceframe". Left to right, N. Caretta, pilot Nino Cereghini, Augusto Brettoni.
1000 endurance "spaceframe": Pilots G. Fougeray (Fr) and M. Lucchinelli (It.). Because of engine troubles, these bikes didn't finish the race.
Two 1000 "Endurance" to the 24 H of Barcelone 1975. Nino Caretta is always here...
CHAMP. REGUL. 1976 A 750 SF3 to a French regularity championship in 1976 (Photo Eric).
750 sidecar for Italy championship. Piero Laverda doing first tests on new Breganze factory track.
1971 team: Right to left: A. Finetti (mech.), N. Caretta (chief mech.), S. Angilini (pilot), S. Rizzitelli (mech.), E. Dossena (pilot), Piero Laverda (team manag.), A. Brettoni (pilot), L. Zen (tech. direct.), S. Todeschini (techn.)
BARCELONE 75-2 The 1000 Laverda n° 29 to the 24H of Barcelone, riden by Fougeray.
BARCELONE 75-3 Fougeray on the Laverda 1000 n°29, 24H of Barcelone.
Laverda management 1977: Left to right: Massimo Laverda, eng. S. Todechini, L. Zuccarelli (commerc. Dir.), Piero Laverda, M. Tagliolato, L. Zen (Techn. Dir.)
BOL D'OR 1977 The 1000 Laverda at the 1977 Bol d'Or (Photos Gilles Hampe)
Moteur V6 proto au banc The V6 engine prototype on the test bench at the factory in 1977. Giulio Alfieri and Luciano Zen in the background. (Photo François-Marie Dumas)
Record à... l'envers! The rider Barry Robert breaking the world record for riding a bike backwards - 100 mph -
LAVERDA DRAGSTER 1978 A 1000 Laverda compressor dragster racing in the USA.
24H LE MANS 1978 Laverda 1200 in production serie, pilots were Fougeray/Oudin. (Ph. Eric)
MOTOPLAST Olivier Gauthier on the Motoplast. Note the alternator place. (Ph. Pat)
J-P HAEMISCH on RGS at the Bol d'Or 1984
RGS TTF1 1984 Martin Hone riding the RGS TTF1 in 1984 at Bathurst (Austr.). He finished 4th of his class, top speed at 241 km/h. The biggest problem was the fuel consumption: 20L/100 km! (Ph. Martin Cutler)
500 FORMULA CUP 1 500 Formula Cup, Belgium, 1982. Photo Dirk Bruggen.
500 FORMULA CUP 2 500 Formula Cup, Belgium, 1982. Photo Dirk Bruggen.
500 FORMULA CUP 3 500 Formula Cup, Belgium, 1982. Photo Dirk Bruggen.
1978: Piero Laverda testing the new 1000 V6 on factory track.
V6 1978 PADDOCK Bol d'or: The V6 in the paddock.
V6 BOL D'OR 1978 Bol d'Or, the V6 in action.
RGS Production 1984 The RGS Production tuned by YE Motori (Paris-France) en 1984, raced by JP Haemisch (ph. P. Galtier)
RGS Production 1984 The RGS Production tuned by YE Motori (Paris-France) en 1984, raced by JP Haemisch (ph. P. Galtier)
RENE GUILI The french GP champion René Guili rides a 750 SFC during a Ducati meeting. The Ducati owners, riding their shiny brand new toys were passed by this old orange thing, they couldn't believe it!
2000: Same pilot on Bol d'Or V6, Coupes Moto-Légendes in Monthléry (Fr).
New "Team Laverda Corse Italia". Massimo Borghesi, Augusto Brettoni, Giuliano Cogo, Piero Laverda and son Giovanni at Monthléry 2001, with a 1975 1000 endurance.
TEAM LAVERDA 2002 Coupes Moto-Légende 2002: Augusto Brettoni, Giovanni and Piero Laverda
Coupes Moto-Légende 2003: The Laverda stand.
Coupes Moto-Légende 2003: The stand. Brettoni heating the 600 and Cor Dees the 1975 endurance racer.
Coupes Moto-Légende 2003: Brettoni on the 600 TT2.
Coupes Moto-Légende 2003: Brettoni on the TT2, Piero Laverda on the TT1.
Evènements, meetings
Laverdamania meeting at Saint-Pourcain, 2003
Laverdamania meeting at Cheverny, 2004
Laverdamania meeting at Cavaillon 2012
Laverdamania meeting at Le Frontal 2013
Pierre FAURE rode a 1969 750 S at the Tour de France moto 2003.
Some Laverda bikes o the track at Dijon, May 204
The Van Dijk team was 4th on the starting grid (on 70 teams), finished 11th overall (7th in the first manch) but have also run in 4th spot during the race. (Photo Marnix Van der Schalk)
The Trofeo Rosso, Italian bikes meeting at Le Vigeant track, France (photos JP Tregouët)
The Laverda Club de France at the Trofeo Rosso (Photos Marc Malfois)
The Laverda Club Italia organized the 2nd international meeting at Breganze on July 22, 23 and 24 (pictures JL OLIVE and E. MENNECART)
Special homage to Massimo Laverda at the Bikers Classics
Pictures of the BOC 2007 (Picts JM Chancy et J. Leonard)
Pierre Faure riding his 1969 Laverda 750 S (Ph. Pierre Faure)
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