Here are some ultimate projects elaborated on a basis of classic Laverda motorbikes.

While waiting for a rebirth of the original brand, these projects have been done by enthusiasts and experts, ready to spend many hours and money to keep the brand alive thanks to these creations.

"LaiLA: The Ultimate Laverda triple classic racer". By Franz Laimboeck. Austria. Moto de course destinée à être engagée dans les grandes courses classiques européennes.
"LV00". By Jean-Louis Olive. France. Concept bike.
"EFI on a Laverda triple". By Stephen Battisson. Australia. Huge work to adapt an EFI on a classic Laverda
"Unphased project" By Jean-Louis Olive. France. Show bike based on a 1200 Laverda, goals are the engine development and lightness.
"Laverda nonframe - 2". By Franz Laimboeck. Austria. A modernized replica of the famous 1976 'nonframe' race bike.